Ratty's Landing and the Riverbank is situated on a one hectare property. Half of it is wetland and the other half is mostly native bush covered and has the house site. We also have a large vegetable garden.

We have been controlling animal pests by trapping and baiting on our property for several years now. The difference in bird life is noticeable. Our Wetland is a Birding Hotspot - Check eBird

The outstanding change is the very high concentration of Mātātā (Fern Birds) in The wetland. We can hear them all over the wetland and you can be sure of seeing one if you have the time to stand and observe. Especially in the morning and evening from the wetland boardwalk.

The Fantails will delight you. It is as if they were created solely for our enjoyment. These precious little birds will come and visit you. Gray Warblers trilling bell call while feeding is also a delight to hear.

We have also created a 2.2Km loop bush walk from our property around the Waiotoi river valley which is most interesting. The bush is typical Northland Coastal and has a wide variety of trees, ferns, orchids and other plants. All native to New Zealand.

The Boardwalk across the wetland is now complete giving access to a flagged track in the Hugh Crawford DOC  Bush Reserve. See on the adjacent map.

Our two beehives we hope will improve pollination on our fruit trees. In a good year we should have some honey.

Weta have made their home in the Weta House. Hilton has also made a bumble bee house. 

Bird Sightings at The Riverbank:

Fern Bird, Banded Rail, Australasian Bittern, Pateke,  Tui, Shining Cuckoo, Harrier Hawk, Fantail, Silvereye, Gray Warbler, Kingfisher, Eastern Rosella, Indian Myna, Blackbird, Thrush, Sparrow, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Mallard Duck, Grey Duck, Spur Winged Plover, Little Shag, Pied Shag, Black Shag, Spotless Crake, Californian Quail, Brown Quail, Tomtit and Spotless Crake. 

Check out New Zealand's birds at 

  http://www.nzbirdsonline.org.nz New Zealand Ornithological Society.

  http://www.nzbirds.com/index.html  Birders will also find other bird watching accommodation here.

Visit The Birds at Ratty's Landing page to see our birds.

Trail Camera Action: Videos at the at the bird bath, wetland and others. We have a Moultrie 990I and Moultrie  999I camera that can record animals, birds and insects on our property at day and night using colour and infra red video and still technology, We are looking forward to interesting photographs.

We have already caught the Spotless Crake family of one adult and two chicks on video. Also have kiwi, bittern, rail Pateke and others on camera.

Fernbird (Mātātā) Photo by Jan Doak

Photo by Jan Doak

           Toropapa -  The most fragrant shrub in the bushduring August